TRP Trail EVO Brake

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Born from technology proven in World Cup DH and tuned for the demands of Trail bikes and E-MTB’s, the Trail EVO takes modulation and braking power to an entirely new level of control.

New ergonomic lever-blade, newly formulated brake pad compounds, new high-performance hydraulic oil, new 5 mm brake hose-system, newly designed and CNC-machined adapters, new selection of 2.3 rotors, newly designed oil flow inside the calipers, and a 10mm master cylinder piston lift the overall performance of the Trail EVO to this new standard of performance.

***Specifically designed to be used with 2.3mm Thick Rotors (SOLD SEPERATELY)***


Mud Covers now available:



• Ergonomic lever blade
• 10mm internal brake lever piston
• Adjustable lever reach
• I-Spec II compatible
• I-Spec EV adapter option
• TRP and MMX shifter adapter available
• Hinged lever clamp
• Matte black finish


• Optimized hydraulic flow
• Stainless steel pistons
• 5mm brake hose
• Made for 2.3mm thick rotors
• Top loading pad design
• New resin brake pad
• Banjo hose connection
• Newly formulated mineral oil
• Matte black finish


• 2.3mm thick rotors
• Compatible with 223/220/203/180/160/140mm rotors


• Weight: 307g (Front without rotor and adapter)


| Scot Hastings

Just installed them on my trail/enduro rig this weekend. I previously had the G2 RSCs which were largely a disaster. The G2s occasionally worked fairly well but could easily do nothing on the very next pull. This was all despite regular bleeding, trying new pad materials, etc. Super frustrating.

Anyway, based on my limited experience thus far, the Trail EVOs are substantially better. The ultimate power available is far beyond anything I've ever experienced in the Guide/G2 lineup, even on their best days. I actually had to lay off a bit during the bed-in process to keep from skidding, which I can't remember having to worry about with previous brakes. That said, there's still decent modulation, not at the SRAM level (if that's even a good thing) but certainly far more than my buddy's 2020 XTR 4 pistons.

The Trail EVOs also strike me as a simpler mechanism. To the best of my knowledge, you only have a reach adjust. Beyond that, it's just a simple master cylinder and caliper. I can't help but think that all the complexity of the SRAMs (the RSC stuff) ultimately just gets in the way of reliable braking (and creates nooks and crannies for air to get stuck).

The 2.3mm rotors are burly, too. It's not hard to imagine how those result in better performance, albeit at a bit more weight.

All in all, highly recommended!

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