Our Mission

​Two Hoosiers Cyclery is a dream realized by a community of friends and family. The same gratitude in which the shop was built is forwarded on to you, in honest service and trust-worthy sales. We proudly sign our name to every product we carry, bicycle we service, and piece of advice we give. If we cannot be of assistance, then we will gladly point you towards the resources you need, with the knowledge you need. Welcome to our home. 


What does it mean to be a "Hoosier"?

A Hoosier is one that is native to Indiana. It means traditional values and fair dealings.  It means  honesty, respect and integrity. It means supporting your neighbors and community. It means dependability and a hard work ethic. ​It means all of these things and so much more.

While the origins of the term "Hoosier" remains a debate lost in folklore - Most agree the term originated in the mid 1800's. Used to refer to one that is a resident of the state of Indiana - it's a term of pride and endearment for all native to Indiana, and one they hold dear.

For you - it means you're in good hands. Hoosiers are instilled with honesty, integrity, and a hard work ethic from a young age. These are values we hold dear at Two Hoosiers Cyclery, and why we give the "Hoosier" name our highest regard. We are proud to bring these values to you in our bike shop, and hope you appreciate the rich history behind our name as well.