TRP R1 S01M 1.8mm Thick 6-Bolt Rotors

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Standard thickness 1.8 mm rotor for use with Quadiem, Slate, G-Spec DH, G-Spec Quadiem, G-Spec Slate and select Tektro Models


  • Sizes: 160mm, 180mm, and 203mm
  • Three individual wear indicators
  • Single piece design for weight savings
  • Weight:
    • 203 mm: 198 g
    • 180 mm: 152 g
    • 160 mm: 106 g


TRP’s new R1 1.8 mm standard thickness rotor gives you a competitive advantage in all weather conditions. With consistent operating temperatures and wear indicators built in, the R1 rotors were designed to give powerful and stable braking in all conditions. Upgrade the stopping power and heat dissipation by increasing the size of your rotor giving you more surface area and leverage to maintain traction and reduce lockup.

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