SRAM XX T-Type Eagle Transmission Groupset - 165mm Crank, 32t Chainring, AXS POD Controller, 10-52t Cassette, Rear Derailleur, Chain

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With the perfect balance of robustness and weight savings, the SRAM XX Eagle T-Type AXS™ Transmission groupset has the strength to handle big enduro days with the weight to make it manageable. This T-Type transmission takes a holistic approach to a bicycles shifting, an entire system synchronized, providing you with a superior ride experience.



  • Rings: 32
  • Length: 165
  • Cassette Cogs: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-38-44-52


Groupset Includes:

  • XX Eagle T-Type AXS DUB 165mm 55mm Chainline Boost Crankset w/ 32t Direct Mount Chainring and 2-Guard Chainguard
  • AXS POD ULT Electronic Controller w/ Clamp
  • XX Eagle T-Type AXS Rear Derailleur w/ Battery
  • XX Eagle T-Type XS-1297 10-52t Cassette
  • XX Eagle T-Type 126 Link 12-Speed Flattop Chain
  • Battery Charger and Cord


  • AXS™ Pod ULT features a “click and fire” two-button design that transforms the crucial act of rider inputs into a vastly more personal experience for all your AXS™ controls
  • Engineered as integrated, interdependent transmission components, the XX Eagle T-Type rear derailleur mounts around the wheel axle itself, contacting the cassette directly with a first-of-its-kind Hangerless Interface
  • XX T-Type derailleur offers the same intuitive pairing and set-up procedure as SRAM's Eagle AXS™ derailleurs
  • Derailleur features an overload clutch that boosts resiliency and a tucked-in profile that houses protection covers on the fully replaceable B-knuckle and outer link
  • To further its performance, the lower pulley called, "Magic Wheel", keeps spinning if an object becomes lodged
  • Shifting under load is made possible on the XX T-Type 10-52t cassette due to a combination of X-SYNC technology and cassette mapping, creating seamless shifts even during your hardest power output
  • The XX T-Type DUB carbon cranks, based on SRAM's proven design from years past, feature T-Type rings and are compatible with SRAM T-Type Quarq power meters
  • Crankset includes a removable 2-Guard aluminum bashguard to protect your chainring on more rugged terrain
  • XX Eagle T-Type Flattop Chain is specifically engineered to optimize Eagle Transmission and features a unique flat top that maximizes shifting performance and robustness
  • Can be upgraded to Power Meter system
  • 55mm Chainline
  • 174mm Q-factor

Eagle T-Type AXS™ Transmission - This is the Dream Delivered

SRAM’s Eagle T-Type AXS™ Transmission has been designed and engineered into tangible technology for the world’s most demanding riders. Built around the universal constant of the wheel axle itself, Eagle Transmission is a radically robust, fully integrated and interdependent wireless transmission that literally changes how we ride. It simplifies, strengthens, and extends lifespan to new limits. It uses no derailleur hanger or adjustment screws and lets you shift flawlessly under maximum power. Eagle Transmission drops a seismic shift on what it means to shift a mountain bike.

The XX Eagle T-Type AXS™ Transmission Rear Derailleur

Engineered as integrated, interdependent transmission components, the T-Type derailleur mounts around the wheel axle itself, contacting the cassette directly with a first-of-its-kind Hangerless Interface. The game-changing Full Mount attachment method creates a far stronger connection and is compatible with all frames that accept SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger set up (UDH). A tucked-in profile houses replaceable skid plates that enhances dependability in high-pressure racing environments. To further its performance, the lower pulley called Magic Wheel keeps spinning if an object becomes lodged. Additionally, the XX Eagle Transmission derailleur features an overload clutch, accommodates common maintenance and features that real world riders really appreciate.

AXS™ ULT Pod Controller

The AXS™ ULT Pod Controller transforms the crucial act of rider inputs into a vastly more personal experience for all of your AXS™ controls. Pod offers lighter weight than Eagle Ecosystem AXS™ Controllers, updated ergonomics and a vastly superior range of adjustability. Featuring a “click and fire” two-button design, with an intuitive action that requires the ideal amount of rider input to activate. Plus, it allows riders to personalize button assignments through the AXS™ App and features lever caps with subtle grip. With a unique flippable design, AXS™ Pods can be mounted left- or right-handed it’s one component, with a world of possibilities.

XX Eagle T-Type Transmission Crankset

With multiple World Championship medals, EWS series wins and Olympic gold medals to its name, SRAM’s XX Eagle cranks set the standard. The XX Eagle T-Type Transmission crank is the evolution of that standard. Carbon fiber engineered with a foam core to give both incredible strength and maximized stiffness. Now pair it with the remarkable new XX Eagle T-Type Transmission direct mount chainring, and the spotlight turns from its performance to its appearance, because it absolutely looks like nothing seen before. The XX Eagle Transmission crank also features a first-of-its-kind removable and replaceable bash guard system that riders will appreciate.

The AXS™ Advantage

AXS™—SRAM’s bike component integration system—takes wireless shifting to the next level for the Eagle drivetrain. AXS™ lets the rider adjust and personalize controller assignments for shift commands and your electronically activated Reverb dropper post right from the mobile app for total customization. It also allows you to mix and match Road and MTB components for a completely unique experience. For the first time, AXS™ introduces digital possibilities for riders to customize, personalize, control, and improve the ride.

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