SKF Low-Friction Dust Wiper Seal Kit: Fox 34mm, Fits 2012-2015 Forks

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SKF's seal kits are constructed of a low friction material that reduces the breakaway force in your shock and allows it to be more reactive. These 34mm seals fit the most common trail and all-mountiain forks in the market.

  • The seal kits consist of two oil seal-dirt scrapers, crush washers and pre-impregnated foam rings
  • The same self-lubricating compound as on SKFs motorcycle fork seals
  • Compound is compatible with a wide range of fork oils and is engineered to withstand cracking from UV light
  • Compared to OEM seals, SKF seals provide reduced friction, longer life and reduced air suction into the forks lower leg assembly
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MTB34F
  • UPC: 8050040144068
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