PrestaCycle Angle Mini Presta Head

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The Prestacycle Angle Mini Presta Head is designed with a shorter angle allowing room to fit into a wider variety of wheels. It includes the improved Mini Presta Head Gasket which is softer, more durable, and gives a better seal along the Presta shaft for any Presta application.


  • Allows high-flow inflation with the valve core removed for seating tires
  • Engages the Presta valve just below the cap threads and requires less insertion
  • Safe for all types of Presta valves, including tubeless, tubeless-conversion valves, and lightweight performance valves
  • Made with 6061-T6 Alloy; Strong as Brass and only 1/3 the weight
  • Patent-pending, two-way connector screws onto the Prestaflator threaded connector or directly clamps to a hose
  • Compatible with Silca pumps and can be adapted to other pump brands with optional Schrader barb
  • Includes Gauge: No
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  • Valve Compatibility: Presta
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