C: Jagwire Pro Dropper Cable Kit with 3mm Housing and Polished Cables, Black

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The Jagwire Pro Dropper Kit is designed from the ground up to make dropper posts function as well as possible, with unique cable, housing, and small parts.


  • Flexible 3mm LEX-SL housing allows for easier routing and smoother bends
  • All parts needed for a complete dropper seatpost cable and housing install are included
  • Includes enough housing for either internally or externally routed seatposts
  • Compatible with most popular cable-actuated dropper seatposts and remotes
  • 0.8mm inner cable and FLEX-SL housing are for use only with dropper seatposts
  • 1x - 1700mm 3.0mm LEX-SL Housing




  • keyword search: Dropper seatpost
  • Color: Black
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