SNEK Lifeboat Tire Lever (set) - Military Green

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A tire lever for modern tubeless bicycle tire maintenance. Built-in valve core remover ensures you can change a tire, install a tube, or add sealant to your tubeless tire. No more searching for the elusive valve core remover. 

Constructed with a metal core, for strength, and plastic outer to protect your rim. Metal runs to the tip of the scoop, adding strength where many levers fail and break. Chamfered edges in the scoop aid in the removal of tight tires and built-in bottle opener helps you relax post-ride.

Built to Last. Guaranteed for Life. Made in USA.

Sold as a set (two levers)
Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
Patent Pending

Weight: 48grams (set) Dimemsion:120mm x 18mm x 7mm

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