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We are a full service shop, if you don't see what you're looking for please feel free to reach out.


  Hoosier Tune: Includes Bike Wash $79.99
  Hoosier Tune w/ Brake Bleed: Includes Bike Wash, 2 Brake Bleeds $119.99
  Complete Bicycle Overhaul $349.99
  Bike Build: Assembly From Box Starts @ $119.99
  Bike Build: Frame Up Assembly Starts @ $249.99
  Safety Check $0.00
  Install Tube/Tire $14.99
  Tubeless Setup: Tape Rim, Tire Install $29.99
  Tubeless Setup: Clean Rim, Tape Rim, Tire Install $44.99
  Tubeless Setup: Compressor Use Only $14.99
  True Wheel: Major $19.99
  True Wheel: Minor or Wheel Brought Loose $14.99
  Install Spoke: Includes Wheel True $39.99
  Wheel Build $59.99
  Wheel Teardown $14.99
  Overhaul Front Hub $29.99
  Overhaul Rear Hub $44.99
  Adjust Hub: Bearing Preload $19.99
  Adjust Brake $14.99
  Bleed Brake $34.99
  Install Brake Pads: Clean and Reset Pistons, Adjust Brake $19.99
  True Rotor $9.99
  Adjust Derailleur $14.99
  Derailleur Hanger Alignment $29.99
  Install Derailleur $29.99
  Overhaul Bottom Bracket $29.99
  Install Bottom Bracket $39.99
  Install Cassette $14.99
  Install Chain: Degrease, Size, Install $14.99
  Install or Remove Pedals $9.99
  Bike Wash w/ Drivetrain Clean $39.99
  Fork Service: Lowers Service $89.99
  Fork Service: Full Service $149.99
  Fork Service: Full Service w/ Charger Bleed $169.99
  Rear Shock Air Can Service $74.99
  Install Dropper Seatpost: Internal $39.99
  Install Dropper Seatpost: External $29.99
  Adjust Dropper Seatpost $14.99
  Bike Wash $19.99
  Bike Wash and Drivetrain Clean $39.99
  Package Bike For Shipping: Packing Materials NOT INCLUDED $89.99
  Package Bike For Shipping: w/ Packaging Materials & Bike Box $159.99
  Overhaul Headset $29.99
  Install Handlebar: Flat Bar $19.99
  Install Handlebar: Drop Bar and Wrap Bar $49.99
  Install Stem $14.99
  Install Bar Tape $24.99
  Measure and Cut Steerer Tube $69.99
  Internally Route Housing or Cable $14.99
  Suspension Linkage Teardown and Re-grease (Additional Charges for Removal/Install of Bearings) Starts @ $179.99
  E-Bike Diagnostic Test and Update $49.99
  DI2 Diagnostic Test and Update $49.99
  *Additional services available upon request  
  **Service rates do not include any service parts  
  ***Above service rates are estimates based on an hourly rate. Service rates subject to change.  
  ****Excessively dirty bikes will be charged an additional cleaning fee at our discretion (Bike Wash $19.99)  
  *****Subject to change without notice.