knog Plus Rear Translucent

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The Knog Plus light is so much more than just a bike light. It's a small, lightweight, all purpose illumination solution for just about anything. The Plus mounts easily almost anywhere on any bike, using the magnetic mount with silicone o-ring mounting bands. Swapping cycling for camping or running? The Plus doubles as a wearable night running/walking light and versatile camping light. The body itself is a clip that can attach securely and easily to your t-shirt, shorts, socks, headband, backpack, dog collar, and so on...
Pumping out an impressive 40 lumens of light for the front version, and 20 lumens for the rear version, it'll keep you lit up all night long, with run times of up to 40 hours on eco flash and 2 hours on high beam.
Plus you can recharge by plugging straight into a USB port, no cable required.
Plus it's 100% waterproof, has 5 light modes and weighs only 12 grams.



  • Versatile mounting for on and off bike applications
  • 5 light modes: steady, strobe, pulse, fancy flash, eco flash
  • Up to 40 lumens for front version, 20 lumens for rear version
  • Integrated USB plug for direct charging, no cords.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wearable
Bulbs: LED  
Batteries: Built-in Lithium Polymer, rechargeable  
Modes: 5  
Max Lumens: 40 (front), or 20 (rear)  
Run Times: 2 hrs (steady), 4.5 hrs (pulse), 8.5 (strobe), 10 hrs (fancy flash), 40 hrs (eco flash)  
Mount: Magnetic, clip  
Includes: 2 silicone mounting bands, magnetic mount  
Weight: 12g
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