Knog Plus Front Translucent

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Coming in at less that half an ounce, the Knog Plus Front Light is the tiny addition to your kit that comes with a big increase to your safety. It features five modes with up to 40 lumens to ensure you can see and be seen while you ride. The light comes with two interchangeable straps and a magnetic mount, so the Plus is compatible with nearly any bike. To use it as a running light, simply remove it from the magnetic mount and use the integrated clip to secure it to your shirt or bag. An integrated USB plug means there are no pesky cables to forget while traveling, simply plug it in to a USB outlet and it'll be ready for another ride in a mere four hours.

  • Ultra-lightweight headlight for visibility
  • Up to 40 lumens make your position clear
  • Magnetic mount secures the light on your bars
  • Integrated USB plug charges directly
  • Built-in clip secures it to your pack or shirt
  • Includes two straps and a magnetic mount
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