Garneau Optimum Mat Men's Tights

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If cycling is one of your autumn pleasures, the Optimum Mat tights are for you. This ultra-versatile garment meets the needs of a number of sports activities and makes an ideal warmer over bike shorts. The Optimum Mat Tights have been updated with numerous reflectors, ventilated panels at the back of the knees and discreet pockets that allow you to carry your essentials as you head out for your ride.


Technical Details

  • Bottoms Fabric : Quantum: Embossed matte fabric to hit the road with style - Quantum: Embossed matte fabric to hit the road with style - Signature Mat: Incomparable stretchability and comfort
  • Garment Feature Bottoms : Mesh inserts behind the knees: For body heat management and moisture evacuation
  • Bottoms Pockets : Pocket at thigh and inner pocket at waist
  • Bottoms Seams: Flatlock seams
  • Bottoms Waist: Elastic waist with drawstring
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