"2021" PNW Components Puget MTB Lever 1x "Gen 2"

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1x Lever 

Designed to be used with bikes using a single front chain ring, this is a "shifter style" lever.


22.2mm (standard MTB bar width)
Puget 1x Lever - SRAM Matchmaker compatible


Cable and housing


Can I run this on the right side of my bars?

The Puget 1x lever runs horizontally, and is machined ergonomically for the left hand side of your bars. As such, it would not work well on the right side of your bars. Does not work well with 2x.

What's the difference between the Puget 1x Lever and the Loam Lever?

While they both run horizontally, the Loam Lever has an additional color customizable thumb traction pad, additional throw adjustment, and enduro bearing for actuation. Both the Puget 1x and Loam are "shifter style" levers designed to work with cockpits that do not have a left hand shifter for a front derailleur. Both can be customized by your choice of hinge clamp, or integrated brake adapter.


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